Wpf datagrid binding not updating

02 Jun

You would not want the UI to display all of those values because it would just look like a blur.It would be better to govern how often the binding source’s new values are pushed to the binding target. One solution is to create a value converter which governs the data flow between source and target.For example, if a read-only property is calculated according to other, data-bound properties, controls that are linked to the calculated value will not normally update.So, I have this WPF datagrid, and it's quite happy in the way it works. Some background, I'm not doing the base behavior for editing/adding, but rather have a separate control outside the grid which is responsible for that behavior (as it is also the control responsible for adding the initial element).No matter how many times I invalidated the User Interface it just would not get displayed.And this was not just for Updates, but also for Inserts and Deletes. But, I wouldn't be here if I didn't have a solution. Invalidate UI command, as that's basically what I was trying to do: repaint the grid.You already know how easy it is to implement databinding in the WPF Data Grid from a previous article.

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In the demo, the rapidly changing data source is called Random Number Engine.

This article considers the INotify Property Changed interface, which lets classes send notifications when property values are modified.

In the previous instalment in this tutorial we looked at the Data Context property of WPF controls.

In most cases we would like to ask the user for a confirmation.

We can do this by intercepting the Execute call via tunelling, and allow the user to cancel the delete command before it actually executes.