Worship 4 today pt 3 consolidating and expanding horizons

01 Jan

It attracts both clergy and laity including a growing number of churchwardens.

It was reliable and offered a good power-to-weight ratio.

She is evidently lying prostrate in darkness on the ground.

Suddenly, light pierces the gloom as Jehovah, through Isaiah, calls out: Although speaking about future events, Jehovah tells the “woman” that her light “has come.” This stresses the certainty that the prophecy will be fulfilled. E., a faithful remnant of exiled Jews return to Jerusalem and restore pure worship.

Worship 4 Today’s three volumes contain everything you need to run the course, including full teaching notes, handouts and Power Point presentations on the accompanying CD-ROM as well as useful information for setting up a diocesan, deanery or parish course.

From the very first session, they will transform the way you think about and lead worship.