Why do i get spam emails from dating sites Adult dating services troy idaho

13 Jun

Some of the emails are from women on dating/hook up sites, and others are from personal email addresses. He has also started getting mad if I even plug his phone in for him.

But none are ever responses, they are like conversation initiations. He has unlimited access to my phone and all my accounts. The only reason I am on here is because he told me I wasn't allowed to talk to my guy friends to ask for advice. but i respect that he asked and now I am on here I guess I feel confused. And I feel like if he can tell me whom I can talk to and he can have access to everything I do and say, why can't I even ask him who he is messaging without him getting mad. It's just he has hurt me, a few times now, and he then gets mad at me for wondering or asking a question.

I’m not a spam expert, but searching on the term, “pornographic spam volume” revealed a series of articles dating back to 2007 that indicated that pornographic spam has been on the decline.

For example, in February of 2007, Symantec reported that porn spam had dropped from 22% of spam to just 4%.

Thankfully, I didn't see these telltale mass deletions in my mail folders. "A mailbot can be as simple as sending a notification that a new blog post has come out," said Stu Sjouwerman, CEO of security awareness training company Know B4.

I know that they stop eventually because I caught him watching ***** on my phone and I was getting the emails for a few weeks after and they stopped.

It has been 4 months since he started getting them. Does this mean he is still sneaking away and watching *****? Sometimes the hook up invites are automated spam, sometimes they may be real.depends on where they are coming from.

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