Who is rossif sutherland dating

07 Aug

With hundreds of thousands of lives lost and awful conditions on either side, the battle for the Passchendaele ridge is one of Canada’s proudest — and saddest victories, and it’s depicted on screen in a touching, heartbreaking drama by actor / director Paul Gross.

No, it’s not a Canadian production, but is an interesting picture in Canadian film history: because it portrays the World War II contributions by the Royal Canadian Air Force, Warner Brothers thought to shoot the film in Canada, making it the first ever Hollywood feature film shot in our country.

During an interrogation the next morning, he looks incredibly guilty with a black eye and the old left-my-passport-in-my-room routine.

John realizes that the trouble runs even deeper when news reports indicate that the dead man is the son of an Australian senator.

Without name recognition, the movie faces choppy waters commercially.

John Lake (Rossif Sutherland, son of Donald) is an American doctor working for an NGO in Laos.

Tout commence par une aventure supposée sans lendemain, mais une grossesse imprévue viendra modifier le cours de l’histoire.He developed the inflection between ages 7 and 19 when he lived with his mother, actress Francine Racette, his father’s third wife, in Paris, during a time when his dad was traveling constantly between film locations.Sutherland says his move into show business was an abrupt one.Sutherland gives him a come-hither look that can convey either “I want you, desperately” or “Watch your back.” Sutherland also brings familiar physical traits to the role.His narrow eyes and arching brows come straight from his dad, while his low-volume rasp rivals that of big brother Kiefer during Jack Bauer’s most desperate phone calls with Chloe O’Brian on “24.” (Kiefer’s mother is Shirley Douglas, his father’s second wife.) Plus, the Vancouver-born Sutherland — who helpfully says his first name is pronounced “ROSS-if in English, Rose-EEF in French” — lends his Nostradamus a thick accent that would melt the heart of any French Renaissance lady-in-waiting.The title of the film is taken from a quote by Billy Bishop, one of Canada’s greatest military heroes.And because the United States of America had only just joined the fight against the Axis a year prior, the film’s release in 1942 was seen as a way to “prepare” the country for war.The film follows him on the lam, as he seeks help from the U. embassy — which offers only assistance with legal counsel — and colleagues, finally trying to cross into Thailand.He may play Nostradamus on TV, but as a young man Rossif Sutherland didn’t even see his own destiny.Sutherland, who stars as the legendary prognosticator on the new CW drama “Reign,” comes from an enviable acting pedigree.His father is Donald Sutherland — whose five-decade career includes the 1980 best picture Oscar winner “Ordinary People” — and his older half-brother is Kiefer Sutherland of the 2001-10 Fox spy series “24.” “I never really had an interest in being an actor, but I was always in awe of what my father did,” Sutherland said recently by phone from his home in Toronto, where the Thursday night show is filmed.