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17 May

The school will graduate its first class this year, and Skinner said he has had upwards of 70 kids participating in the weight room program this winter.“There’s definitely some talent here,” Skinner said. They’ve been doing well in most sports, girls basketball is in the state semifinals, baseball had a good year, basketball had a good year. The Greenwich foot tunnel underneath the Thames is pretty mad. It made me understand why people do such stupid things in times of adrenaline-fuelled camaraderie. Cyprus – it was bigger than I’d imagined but the silvery green bushes and low-lying hills reminded me a lot of Israel. Daft Punk musician Thomas Bangalter and director Wes Anderson. I once attended a ‘Free the Streets’ rally and it turned a bit aggressive.I walk through the Heath, up Primrose Hill, through Regent’s Park and into town. I’ve always wanted to own AIR Studios in Hampstead and live in the Shard. I would privatise all schools but tell them they had to charge the same money then give parents the equivalent money to spend at whatever school they chose. It’s green the whole way right up to Portland Place and Oxford Circus. I was born in Barnet so my earliest memories are of the outer suburbs. I remember a lot of imitation KFC places such as Chicken Cottage.

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I don’t know if I’ve thought about that magazine since 1985.

It is expected Andy Skinner will be the defensive coordinator at Woodgrove, while Mike Skinner runs the offense.

The elder Skinner praised the new facilities at Woodgrove, calling it “the nicest facility I have ever seen for a public school,” and said he believes that roster has enough talent to build a successful program.

The Birmingham born rapper and producer told the magazine NME: "I did a five-album deal and I don't think it would be right to be making Streets albums after that.

I always envisaged them as a box-set and I've got a vision for each of the albums.