Who is kristen alderson dating

04 Aug

Fans of the soap may have been hoping for a real-life romance between those two, but Kelly Monaco says otherwise, even though the photos sure looks like a romance is blooming between them.

It said that the actors were not happy about this new romance between them off-set.

It seemed like it was a horrible nightmare." Even before her suicide attempt, Kristen thought her life was a nightmare. In fact, people were shocked she’d tried to take her life. I started to become a lot more introverted, I think at this point.

The acting is dreadful (not that you expect Oscar worthy performances).

The show looks and feels dated from the cheesy opening credits, to the horrible and obvious green screens during the driving sequences.

fans have been wondering what was up ever since photos came out in July showing them frolicking together in Malibu.

The twosome was seen running around on the beach having fun, but the snapshots of them getting cozy in the ocean waves were most questionable.