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14 May

Thought it would get better at some point but it really didn't.

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As of December 2011, he is You Tube's seventh most subscribed comedian and tenth most subscribed user overall.

The story isn't awful but the acting of the two leads is pretty bad. Also the writing is not very good with some really obvious plot holes and bad jokes, such as "my neighbors have a baby and it is so annoying, it cries like a baby!

" I made myself finish watching it because I almost never bail on a movie before it's finished, but I kind of wish I hadn't.

It seems like there are a lot of people out there who are thinking about the Kevjumba/YTF situation.

I’ve been a bit busy to follow up with YTF and their member statuses, but it would appear that Kevjumba is no longer in YTF (if you look on the new YTF Legacy page you can see that there are only six members on the front page). It seems to me from Kevin’s most recent videos that he’s working really hard to pursue his dreams, and that these dreams might not coincide with the vision that YTF has in mind.