Who is jennifer morrison dating

25 Jul

MORE: ' Once' Bosses Spill on True Love's Kiss and the Same-Sex Romance!Underworld Woes: Emma's evolution over the past 100 episodes has been filled with magical twists and turns.Unfortunately, their onscreen romance mirrored their off-screen one.returned Sunday night for the second half of its sixth season, and while many of our questions were answered more questions arose.100th episode celebration, and we brought back some exclusive interviews with your favorite fairy tale stars. To help you get even more ecstatic for this Sunday's highly anticipated spring premiere, we're gifting you with multiple videos and articles throughout this week.First up, we have all the swoon-worthy goodies straight from Jennifer Morrison, Colin O' Donoghue and Josh Dallas!

Morrison and Sebastian Stan, who played Jeffrey the "Mad Hatter" on the show, dated in real life for about a year.

Sources say that the two simply "grew apart," and, luckily for both of them, they didn't have to suffer through any awkward exes/co-star tensions due to Stan's limited role on the series.

(Not that we aren't a little bummed about that — who didn't love Stan's crazy-eyed, misunderstood Mad Hatter?

It took Henry a year, it took her parents a few years.

I think she's just starting to open up her heart and that she and Hook are seeing what happens." PHOTOS: Our favorite Disney characters who've appeared on Of course, no one gets a break for long in Storybrooke, not even The Savior.