Who is jane macdonald dating

16 Jan

After her father's death, she returned to sea and began working on the Zenith.

Later she was to work on the Century, where she met Henrik Brixen who was the ship's plumber.

Self-publishing is the publication of any book or other media by its author without the involvement of an established publisher.

By rights, stars who find fame on reality TV tend to burn brightly but briefly.

'They'd say to my manager, "You can't have her chatting like that between songs, it doesn't look professional; it's not polished enough,"' Jane recalls.

'They gave me all these scripts instead to try and make sure there was no ad-libbing. The irony was, when people first got to know me on BBC's The Cruise, I was a slightly overweight Northern woman in her 30s - like a lot of the women in my audience, to be honest. It was, "Cut your hair, lose weight, change your style." 'So thousands of people would have paid to come and see the Jane Mc Donald they'd seen on the telly, and instead they'd get this polished version and I'm not sure they liked it.' Of course, she's anxious to emphasise that her performances are no less polished - but it's her own brand, not that of some slick-suited management type.

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