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10 Mar

With the release of their latest album, , this July, the band has hit the road yet again to celebrate a step in a new direction.

The record doesn't have as many anthems like the boozer-friendly "Alcohol" or ridiculously catchy "Start Wearing Purple." Instead, slower, more reflective songs pepper the record with a lighter touch than Gogol Bordello's usual vibe.

And I always wear five or six gold chains with Romany emblems on them, given to me by fellow Gypsies around the world.

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Talk to certain people, and they'll all tell you: Eugene Hütz is the stuff of legend.

Hütz took spoke with Gimme Noise (while in traffic) about collective consciousness and his undead fans ahead of Gogol Bordello's show at the Cabooze tonight. A lot of your albums incorporate themes and sounds based on where you've been or the band's mindset at the time. It's an album about probably most anything that reflects Gogol Bordello's strive for stripping down anything that's artificial and non-authentic in human nature. Why did you choose to go in that direction this time around? You know, if people are introspective, and if people are soul searching, they sooner or later will come to the point of understanding that there's only one true identity for all of us in this world... It's not really about where you're from and who you're trying to be.

as I’m not so premium with it.” He did ask some highly unusual questions about accounting at the time.

He claims that he improved the band’s musicianship and finances, should be paid more for royalties, and that Hutz somehow “tricked other band members into signing ‘consent forms’ to kick Kaplan out of the group,” according to the 0,000 to be paid to the other members of Gogol, though they are Kaplan’s accountant reportedly discovered the shady dealings in a 2012 audit, but it’s unclear whether that happened before or after he left the band after a 12-year tenure.

Hütz and the rest of the band (who are probably a little concerned at the moment) have yet to comment.