Who is don omar dating

28 Jan

Speaking of album, late last year Daddy Yankee collaborated on Don Omar’s album titled which was released this past June 15. Don Omar will be similar to a boxing match but instead of wearing boxing gloves each artist will have a microphone in hand to sing their select musical sets with fans being the referees - fans vote for the winner via a specially designed app for the event “I was motivated by doing something completely different -- and by the size of the offer,” says Yankee, 38.“This is a sport, and I like to be the best athlete.” Omar has slightly stronger words.Celebrities born the same day: Natasha St Pier, Emma Roberts, Chlo Moretz, Robert Wagner, Laura Dern, Elizabeth Banks, Maxime Le Forestier, Pierre Mondy, New Orleans (Louisiana), Roberta Flack, Bertold Brecht, Michael Apted... Celebrities being the same height: Michelle Obama, Uma Thurman, Alain Delon, George W.

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There was no Rico Santos in 2013’s “Fast and Furious 6” or this year’s “Furious 7," other then a brief mention and a flashback scene. They’re still working on the script and the (logistics).For more than 10 years reggaeton aficionados and fans of Don Omar (William Landron) and Daddy Yankee (Raymond Ayala) will be treated to a tour that will make history in Latin music.The two urban artists will be on stage together for their first ever tour - The Kingdom: Daddy Yankee vs. Although the tour will kick off in 2016 and run for two years, Yankee and Omar will treat their fellow homeland fans to an exclusive start of the tour at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot in San Juan, Puerto Rico - the birthplace of reggaeton and where history continues - December 5.They were so-called the first popular reggaetoneros and said to be rivals.The kings of the urban genre Don Omar and Daddy Yankee are finally going to confront each other on tour but fans will have to wait for the year 2016 for the face off.The idea for a tour together came about after the two first appeared together onstage in Puerto Rico (2009) and then at the Billboard Latin Music Awards but nothing developed until recently.Besides the tour there are plans for a television show and an album.The process has not been easy for either party, although Don Omar was the one who made his broken heart most apparent. Honestly, the settlement amount left me a little speechless. well, let me just say, the millions she received in the settlement is enough to last her for a good long while!The tour so far has more than 65 concerts scheduled with dates and venues to be announced at a later date.With more than 70 million social media followers, Yankee and Omar are ready to give their followers a spectacular concert with their hits and a production that will be transmitted live via live streaming.