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07 Aug

Coaching football never was part of Gunnar’s master plan, and the growing pains he’s endured the past season and a half will be reinforced this afternoon: The two-point conversion is Friends’ last highlight in what will be a 34-8 loss to Clark High School from nearby Westbury.

But at that moment, his two fingers held skyward in the crisp October air, Gunnar Esiason’s confidence is so unmistakable that you forget about the battle he’s still waging. An English major at Boston College, he keeps an enlightening, and candid, blog about living with CF.

But a high school football team in Long Island simply knows him as a coach who sprinkled plays from his father’s Bengals playbooks into its offense Gunnar Esiason, the son of former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason, is well known for his lifelong battle with cystic fibrosis. — Here, on the manicured campus of a Quaker school in central Long Island, a sleepy Thursday afternoon comes alive moments after the opening kickoff of a football game. Holder slips through a scrum and sprints toward open field. He coolly raises his right hand and extends his index and middle fingers, letting everyone know they’re going for two. As the cheering resumes, the coordinator glances down at his play-call sheet and can’t help but crack a slight grin.

Swimming in an oversized Jets jersey, he sat on his father’s shoulders, both of them smiling above the headline: “A Quarterback’s Crusade: Boomer Esiason and his son, Gunnar, battle a deadly disease.” Since before he could talk, Gunnar has lived with cystic fibrosis, a rare genetic disorder that causes the lungs to fill with mucus. “All day, every day.” When he was diagnosed, life expectancy ranged from the late teens to the mid-20s. The blonde locks have morphed into shaggy brown curls, and he’s now a 23-year-old high school football coach who is impossible to miss, standing almost as tall as Boomer at 6’ 3”.

; born April 17, 1961) is a retired American football quarterback and current network color commentator.

During a 14-year career in the National Football League (NFL), Esiason played for the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, and Arizona Cardinals.

Phil impressions in an effort to explain what dating with cystic fibrosis is actually like. Read about her success as a freshman with cystic fibrosis on the Cornell University Field Hockey Team.

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