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01 Apr

KIM JONG IL, North Korea's dictator, has interests in modern technology beyond his dabbling in nuclear weaponry.

In 2000 he famously asked Madeleine Albright, then America's secretary of state, for her e-mail address.

"Karl appeared to be a breath of fresh air compared to the other guys I'd been talking to.

He was so complimentary and convincing with his words but looking back now you could say his words were manipulating and premeditated.

As a —a clever way to disseminate technical information to research institutes, factories and schools without losing control.

Yet even today, more and more business cards in Pyongyang carry e-mail addresses, albeit usually collective ones.

From fashion fails on the red carpet to odd occurrences like Charlie Sheen’s “Winning” rant, Hollywood can provide material for a subject line or two. People tend to skirt some issues and sugarcoat others to avoid hurt feelings, but it’s okay to be brutally honest on occasion as long is it’s appropriate for your biz. For example, a restaurant could say, “We promise not to ask how it tastes when your mouth is full.” Accountants can play up how awful paying taxes is by referencing the famous Ben Franklin quote, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” An auto repair service can talk about running on empty.

Since hiring Amy Schumer or John Oliver is probably out of the question, you’ll have to channel your own inner comedian. We have four tips to help you create chuckle-worthy subject lines.

Try to combine your product or service with something out of the ordinary.

I believed everything he wrote." • More news: Mum's shock as daughter, 2, steps on 'drug needle' at popular holiday park They arranged a date but Karl cancelled, claiming he had injured himself holding a spinning class.

A further two dates were arranged but all ended with him cancelling at the last minute.