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13 Apr

In part 1, I alluded that you might be asked to install the Update Manage Download Service (UMDS) on a DMZ server to abide by the security policy enforced at your workplace.

I won’t be listing the steps required to install UMDS due to space limitations, however you will find a complete walk-through here.

unless you already have it, which is probably the case if you’re reading this.

Regardless, copy the ISO image to the server on which you wish to install VUM and mount it as a drive; you can choose to extract it to a folder if this works better for you.

Update Manager Download Service (UMDS) is an optional component when you are deploying update manager.

It is generally deployed in environments where it is undesirable for the server where update manager is deployed to have internet access, or where network restrictions are in place.

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Using command line utilities can be tedious, and solution providers must know proper syntaxes to use them properly.

This leaves v Center Update Manager as the only application client available to patch your customer's v Sphere environment.

VCenter Update Manager is not a separate product and requires that you have a licensed v Center Server.

When it comes to patching and updating ESX and ESXi hosts and VMs, solution providers have several options.

Remote and local command line utilities are used to update hosts and VMs, and standalone applications, such as the v Sphere Host Update Utility and v Center Update Manager, are also helpful.