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08 Feb

Although developer Bungie were planning to rebalance exotic weapons the actual changes in the new update are a mistake, and they’re currently trying to sort out a new patch to patch the old patch.The problems vary from weapon to weapon but include the power and critical hit ability being suddenly downgraded, while in other cases reloading and charging takes a lot longer than it used to.The update is 2.44GB in size and other changes include increasing the number of bounty slots from five to 10, scaling down the difficulty for three-player Strikes, and ensuring players are at least level 20 before they lead an Iron Banner Team.Most of the update is a range of minor bug fixes though, which you can find detailed here.The update is also a preparation for DLC expansion The Dark Below, which is out on December 9.Check the Online Meeting Schedule for the dates and times of meetings.Once you are in the meeting room, you will need to enable your microphone to speak.

If you don’t want to talk to just anyone you can switch between Fireteam Chart and Team Chat whenever you want, or simply not opt-in in the first place.Note that we recommend using the Google Chrome browser, and voice chat will not work on mobile phones/tablets at this time.From this list of rooms, select the proper meeting room from the schedule: If you receive an error message, you may have entered the room too soon, and can try entering the "SMART Recovery 24/7 Chat" room while you wait.Using the websites listed above, we have compiled an online meeting calendar that list the meetings on the websites, grouped by day of week and time of day.Each calendar entry has associated icons for the website, type of communication, fellowship and a link to the website to begin the meeting.The particular means of communication associated with each website is shown in the table.Meetings for the websites in the table below have also been organized and put into our online meeting calendar.All kinds of furries pitched in to whine, bitch, moan and complain about this and that. I reply to some, but I don't have time to reply to them all.I thought about posting some of the emails I get, but I originally decided against it because I do get quite a bit of email, and sifting through them might be hard work. or maybe you were too busy masterbaiting over pre-teen school boys to notice?The squeaker is infamous for using execcive profaity on voice chat, inserting a swear word in nearly every sentence, as they think it will make the older boys think he is cool. The other kind of squeaker is the sex obsessed squeaker who is in the middle of puberty, and will constantly talk about sexual acts that he has ever done, and will use nothing but sexual terms to insult other players.