Video chat en vivo face to face

18 Mar

Google, a través de Youtube Connect, también explora este potencial desde dispositivos móviles. Cuando se inicia un evento en vivo, los seguidores reciben notificaciones.

Twitter, con su solución Periscope, dio impulso al segmento desde el año pasado. Se pueden guardar las transmisiones para verlas después.

We support , 3:4 and 1:1 shooting ratios, Gaussian Blur background effect and 16 different photo collage maker templates, allowing you to maximize your creativity and become a social networking star.6.

Cam Cam filters can be applied to existing photos in your mobile photo library: You can spice up your favorite photos or animate your friends' photos to surprise them.

The app lets people broadcast what they are doing in real…

Other live chat providers force you into a cookie cutter experience. We give you everything you need to create an experience that is uniquely your brand.

Sin embargo, existen muchas herramientas que ofrecen el mismo servicio. brinda la posibilidad de transmitir videojuegos en vivo o tutoriales. Las grabaciones se pueden almacenar en el celular en calidad HD. Cualquier persona puede ver desde la web y compartir un evento en su perfil. Livestream La plataforma está disponible para Android y i OS.

En febrero 26, Mark Zuckerberg sorprendió al mundo.Have fun guesting stream, gaming broadcasting, interacting with fans in group and getting or sending gifts. Meet Stars: official routinely invites some of the most up to date celebrities or stars, top You Tubers, talented influencers! Now join over millions users worldwide and watch performancers share their talent or you can start your own channel, build up fan base, collect virtual gifts and even earn money.Don’t missed it and vote to tell us who you want to see next time! Sing, dance, broadcast what you are good at and let people enjoy.Find your true self, show out your talent and letting more people join you!Features Live Stream Chat If you go live to sing, dance, make up, travel, share music vlog or stream whatever you are doing or you are good at, go live with!Cam Cam not only records videos and edits your photos, but also enhances your daily experience by generating amazing personal pictures that you can share with your friends on Instagram/Snapchat/Line app etc, or save to your camera roll.Cam Cam camera makes every moment unique, fantastic and perfect by taking pictures and videos that be remembered forever! Tons of adorable and funny filters & stickers for your selfies: One click on your mobile camera turns you into a cute animals like a kitten, puppy, bunny, fox, deer, alpaca, panda, and more.2.Before going live choose the category you would like to broadcast or finding interesting on the search page by category!Get recommendation from all over the world or nearby! help save your live video stream on your personal page.Con esta prueba, el fundador de la red social más popular del planeta demostró la fortaleza de la emisión en vivo de video a través de internet.Ese día, además, Facebook dejó en claro su potencial en el ecosistema de aplicaciones para transmitir video en directo.