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16 Feb

If a document is valid, a successful validation message is displayed in the Messages window.

Check out their website to get details on supported standards, reference documentation, etc.So the button will be enabled only when a validation error is reached (that is, after alll well-formedness errors have been corrected).Validate XML, XHTML, HTML, and XSLT files on the fly with lxml against a Document Type Definition (DTD), an XML schema (XSD), a Relax NG schema (RNG), or a Schematron schema.In addition, extended tools are available such as OASIS CAM standard specification that provide contextual validation of content and structure that is more flexible than basic schema validations.xmllint is a command line XML tool that can perform XML validation. // parse an XML document into a DOM tree Document Builder parser = Document Builder Instance()Document Builder(); Document document = parser.parse(new File("instance.xml")); // create a Schema Factory capable of understanding WXS schemas Schema Factory factory = Schema Instance(XMLConstants.W3C_XML_SCHEMA_NS_URI); // load a WXS schema, represented by a Schema instance Source schema File = new Stream Source(new File("my Schema.xsd")); Schema schema = Schema(schema File); // create a Validator instance, which can be used to validate an instance document Validator validator = Validator(); // validate the DOM tree try catch (SAXException e) on a parser factory.This also makes way for two of the most powerful assertions, XPath Match and XQuery Match, which both utilize the named technologies to provide fine-grained message validation possibilities.Let's have a look at each together with some examples!The XPath assertion applies a specified XPath expression to the received message and validates the resulting nodes against an expected value.If the values match the assertion passes, otherwise it fails.