Validating custom control attributes

24 Mar

In user control extension for Date Text Box For i am not taking the Unobtrusive Validation Attributes defined for the In USASince property. Get Unobtrusive Validation Attributes(full Name, model Meta Data); tag Builder.In addition to providing instructions, validate user input to help users avoid mistakes.

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In the example below, the attribute is added to the input field.

Client-side validation alone does not ensure security; therefore data needs to be validated on the server-side as well.

Forms frequently include required input that needs to be clearly identified using labels.

In fact I'd be great if I could restrict the content of custom to be HTML again... BTW, thanks very much for the exemplary, prompt support!

I will look into the content completion part but for NVDL the idea was to offer as much as we can and then have that highlighted if it is invalid.