Updating wii menu

01 Aug

Note that the 249 slot is not actually used in our installation (it was in previous versions of the tutorial).

If installed there, discs with 4.2 and 4.3 updates will still ask you to update, even if you are already there. Using these slots means that you must also do the steps of the USB Loader instructions.

To update your Wii Menu to the latest version, please select the Update button at the bottom of the screen or select the System Update option in Wii System Settings.

Please note that these deletion measures will not affect Wii consoles that contain only normal save files.

You may use Letter Bomb, Indiana Pwns, Smash Stack, Eri Ha Kawai, bathaxx or Return of the Jodi to run the Hack Mii Installer for Homebrew Channel and Boot Mii.

21/06/2010 Wii Menu version 4.3 is now available for your Wii console.

Because the updated agreement applies to you and your use of the Wii Network Service, you should view the updated version by clicking on the Wii icon located on the lower-left portion of the Wii Menu, selecting Wii Settings, accessing the Internet setting, and selecting User Agreements.

You may also view the updated Wii User Agreement online at