Updating software on samsung led tv

17 Mar

If - after following these instructions - the problem persists, don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to [email protected], if it is useful, you can contact Samsung directly.Your TV channels and other information will not be deleted, but we recommend that you take note of the changes you have made to the settings of your device before performing the firmware update you describe on this page.

As of today, you can find drivers and new firmware for Samsung LED Smart TVs on Softpedia.

Choose "Save" in the pop-up window and save the file to the USB memory drive attached to your computer. Click "Start" and click "Computer" to open a Windows Explorer window. Double-click the execution (.exe) file downloaded from the Samsung website. After the file unzips, select "OK" and then select "Close."Right-click on the USB memory drive icon in the Windows Explorer window and then select "Eject." A pop-up message will alert you when it is safe to remove the drive.

Disconnect the USB memory drive from your computer. Insert the USB memory drive into a USB port on the back of the TV. Navigate to the "Support" menu using the arrow buttons.

I followed these steps but my Samsung Smart TV didn’t update!

If this is the case, it is probably because there was no update available.