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10 Jun

You can also temporarily turn off Notifications by swiping down from the Notification Center and flipping the switch to OFF.Notifications will resume again the next day as usual.Here's how to install Apple software updates on your Mac: That's it!You're Mac's system software and Apple applications are up to date.Not that there's anything wrong with this, but sometimes I'm content with what I have and don't feel the need to update just yet.On autopilot, every single day, I hit "Remind Me Tomorrow" because I might feel different about updating the next day.

Whether you’re just trying to focus on work, or the update that’s bugging you is irrelevant to your needs, here is every possible way you can stop software updating from haranguing you, broken into temporary and permanent solutions.Use this method if you plan to update, but just don't want to at the moment.While this only works to disable the update notification for a single day (like in Method #1), you can get ahead of notifications appearing by turning on Do Not Disturb, which will not only hide the update notification, but all of them in general.This tutorial will show you how to automatically and manually update the Apple software on your computer.You can manually check for updates with your Mac's built-in Software Update tool.In front of the multi-colored bar, you will see the phrase, "X. XX GB." If you don't have at least 8 GB of free space, you should delete some old files.Before you update Mac OS, don’t forget to: Clean up your Mac This is essential if you want a fast and effortless update, and glitchless work of your new mac OS. To give your Mac a cleanup, you need to get rid of system junk, uninstall extra apps, and clean some old caches.Very much a temporary solution, you can swipe right on the Notification banner to ignore it for a few more hours.If you have an update waiting for you in the App Store, you will have to do this at least once or twice a day.These OS versions can upgrade to Sierra: Disk space: 8 GB of free space on drive.In the same About this Mac menu select "Storage" tab.