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06 May

Click the setup executable, either from your browser or in your downloads folder.

User Account Control should pop up to ask you if you want the installer app to make changes to your computer.

Automatic updates to Office 2016 for those on these three plans won't begin until the fourth quarter of 2016..

Just to add a little more complexity to this already complex set of rules, Microsoft is in the midst of replacing its Office 365 Small Business, Small Business Premium and Midsize Busines plans with three new ones.

When we launched the Office 2016 Preview in early May, we said that we would share regular updates on new features as they became available.

Product keys for Microsoft Office are stored in the Windows Registry.If you currently have a subscription to Office 365, you’ll be pleased to know you can upgrade to Office 2016 right now in just a matter of a few minutes.Today we’ll quickly show you how to do that on a Windows PC and Apple Mac.Microsoft began rolling out Office 2016 for Windows on September 22.Since then, I've been getting a lot of questions around timing and installation techniques from those attempting to move to the latest version of Microsoft's Office suite.It turns out anyone in the Office 365 First Release program was able to get the latest Office 2016 apps for Windows as of this week.The same is true of those on the existing Office 365 Small Business Premium, Business and/or Business Premium -- but only for those who are buying new subscriptions, according to the chart from a Microsoft community answers post, embedded above.Real-time typing in Word—Real-time typing is now in Word!You can see where others are working and what they are typing as they type it.If you want to install a copy of Office that uses a different product key, then you need to delete the place in the Registry where the product key is stored.You do that by following these general steps: These steps are the "quick and simple" steps to get rid of the product key.