Updating mio c220 laetitia casta dating

10 Aug

I’ve gone through a lot of coffee on this release ( the best one yet!

If you end up with a fucked up device, we also don't give a shit. Even if it doesn't start, connect it with your computer, insert the original DVD and select the option "Restore Original Mio Map Program Files". Go visit them and you'll find many many other splendid things about your device. This is simply because you don't actually need to do something like that, as maps / software updates offered from Mio use their own file exchange mechanism.

I’ve updated the menu to Version 3.3 as well to include Note 2: Remember, every time you disconnect the USB cable linked to your PC, you will need to do atleast a soft reset, although in most cases you really should do a hard reset.

The time and date will need to be reset, unless you are going right into Mio Map with Time Autosync enabled.

The look of the Mio C220 will blend with most car interior as it is fairly neutral.

It has a decent display, which makes the maps quite readable.