Updating madden

04 May

Load your team with current stars like Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown, or blockbuster legends like Jerry Rice.

Draft real NFL pros from the past and present by opening packs, or through the Auction House.

This is authentic NFL action like you’ve never seen on mobile.

BUILD YOUR TEAM OF TOP STARS AND LEGENDSSelect your favorite NFL franchise and become the GM.

Develop your strategy, upgrade your roster, and take your team out on the field to compete with friends.

MAKE WINNING PLAYS, YOUR WAYGo big or go home in genuine 16-game Seasons mode.

Not a lot has been changed, but read over what has been improved.

Tuned down aggressive catch win chances vs swat in 2 man catch interactions.You can let them know on Faecbook, Twitter or via the official forums.Incoming rookies typically don't make their debut in sports video games until the new editions release months after their respective drafts have taken place.Current Lineup (No Money Spent): Rep Thread: Super Bowl Wins🏆: 1 I got a tip on OS when the game came out.Put your PS4 in rest mode after the DL starts it will then download in 10-15 min.Here's a look at the 32 rookies that are now found in "Madden NFL 17" Ultimate Team and the ratings categories in which they excel.While their overall ratings are based on when they were selected, the individual attribute ratings are unique to each player.The incredibly popular card-collecting Ultimate Team mode now features freshly drafted rookies introduced in conjunction with the NFL Draft for its sixth year running with "Madden NFL 17." The players enter with cards reflecting the type of ratings they may start with in the next game (in this case "Madden NFL 18") along with special future editions that rate them at what their perceived full potential is envisioned to be.The new rookies are obtained through card packs or the Auction House.The NFL on Tuesday unveiled the Color Rush uniforms that will be on display this season for Thursday night games.While a few of the teams won't actually wear the uniforms being promoted and sold this year — the Texans, Rams and Browns will have to go with all white instead — they likely are going to be popular jersey sellers.