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15 Mar

This PPA will be used to test uploads before they are uploaded to the main archive for the coming Release.

=== *WARNING* === The packages here have been deemed not ready for general use, they have known bugs and/or regressions, sometimes of a critical nature.

GNOME Shell is available in the Ubuntu Software Center, so you don’t have to do anything special to install it.

Just search for and install the gnome-shell package You can also install GNOME Shell from the terminal with the following command: To access GNOME Shell, sign out of your current desktop.

It is interesting both for business users, home users, and developers.

Like with any big free software project, GNOME has an extensive user and development base.

This page documents common bugs in Fedora 25 and, if available, fixes or workarounds for these problems.

By default, there’s no way to launch applications or view open windows without pulling up the Activities screen.Where appropriate, a reference to the current bug(s) in Bugzilla is included.Read the Fedora 25 release announcement and the Fedora 25 release notes for specific information about changes in Fedora 25 and other general information.GNOME is a desktop environment and a development platform.This piece of free software is the desktop of choice for several industry leaders.To see if your bug has already been reported, you can search Bugzilla.If it has not yet been reported, we encourage you to do so to help improve Fedora for yourself and others.Not every bug is listed in this page, but Bugzilla should be a comprehensive database of known bugs.This page is a sampling of the bugs most commonly discussed on our mailing lists and forums.Give GNOME Shell a spin if you’re looking for a slick, new Linux desktop environment.It’s similar to Unity in some ways, but more flexible in others – GNOME Shell supports extensions, which can add missing features.