Truth and myth of online dating Which adult dating service takes american express

04 May

Myth #2: “ There is a tendency to think that you aren’t supposed to go to a dating site unless you are looking to get married – wrong!

A recent Our survey found that over 50% of singles over 50 are less interested in marriage and more interested in companionship and a long term relationship.

Online Dating Truth #3: Cute dudes are not always assholes, cute girls are not always stuck up princesses.

I have met several amazing people via online dating.

This allows them to approach dating from a more relaxed perspective.

Their main objective is simply to live life to the fullest, and to find someone to share the good times with. Saltz tells singles that whether they met online or in the real world, keeping a few simple tips in mind will ensure a safe and positive experience. (4) Myth: "Online dating is expensive and takes a lot of time and energy." Truth: Some of its main advantages are that online dating is efficient, convenient and cost-effective.

Gail Saltz, Relationship Expert for Our I am often clearing up misconceptions about online dating.

For the 50 population in particular, which tends to be the least familiar with this unique method of meeting someone, online dating is a great option that is continually received with a great amount of trepidation and apprehension.

Helping to relieve the pressure to marry is the fact that singles in this stage of life are generally free of the expectations of child rearing and career advancement.It's easy to sort through your inbox, deleting the sometimes horribly offensive messages while responding to the ones you feel might be worth a shot.It's easy to put aside your nervousness before meeting someone you've been talking to online in person for the first time, and it's easy to handle the disappointment you feel when they don't live up to their profile photo or idea you had of them in your head.To debunk the myths and learn the truth, site staff turned to Our's official Relationship Expert, Dr. "Many singles over 50 are either afraid to get back into the dating game or believe there is still a stigma attached to online dating," said Dr. "We wanted to do some myth-busting and set the record straight.Not only is this one of the most fulfilling times of a person's life, finding a companion to share it with is easier than you might think - especially if you use online dating to your advantage." Below are the top five "Myths" and corresponding "Truths" about online dating for singles over 50. Census data, almost 30 percent of the 78 million Baby Boomers are single.There are all different types of fairytales, and some just happen to be digital ones. "Online Dating Is Just Like Dating At a Bar" While I can definitely appreciate the sentiment behind this statement, and have probably used it in an article or two myself, come dating is nothing like dating in a bar.Let us compare: Online Dating-Comfortable clothes, sitting on my couch, glass of wine in hand, no makeup, definitely no spanx, emailing multiple men and being very specific about who I am and what I'm looking for, and choosing who to meet in person while wondering if we will have anything to talk about when we do./PRNewswire/ -- Even with countless singles joining online dating sites every day, many people are still unsure about this method of meeting.Today Our, the largest online dating community catering to singles over 50, announced the top five most common misconceptions about online dating.Any dating requires you to take safety into account and that goes for online dating too.When dating anyone new, the important point to remember is that there are certain safety precautions you should always follow.