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03 Mar

As a young kid I enjoyed playing in the outdoors with all my friends and understanding why that was.Obvious living in a household where not a lot is being said away from home, I realized that my friends were dealing with the same issues.As a result of the controversy, a motion was tabled by the Diocese of Saldanha Bay, proposing the provision of pastoral care for those who identified themselves as part of the LGBTI community."More controversially, the motion also proposes that clergy who identify as LGBTI and are in legal same-sex civil unions should be licenced to minister in our parishes," said Makgoba in March.

June 17, 2015 Professional hockey player Jordin Tootoo has witnessed first-hand the devastating impact that mental health and addiction issues can have on families and communities.

I was drinking a lot, doing a lot of things that weren't right for my body and for me personally.

It started to affect my hockey career and now that I've been sober for the last 4 years, it truly gave me an opportunity to live life right and understand that you learn from your mistakes.

Mpho said he was in very good spirits and "much more like himself than he has been".

Thanks to excellent home nursing from wife Leah, they spotted the infection early and he was able to begin antibiotic therapy immediately."The doctors have identified the exact microbe and so he is on the right antibiotic and responding to the treatment well.