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01 Jul

Beginners Tips to finding your dress size and creating your shape. A brief summary of each article below: Basic Information Who are we?

Makeup for crossdressers Step by step for transgender makeup.

One of the females, who is yearning to become more "female", is turned on by female impersonators and one night puts each of them in kabuki attire. Michiru Kaneko (Ryuhei Matsuda) is quite cute in drag and uses his disguise again when he drops in to see his brother.

A motley crew of nine prisoners escape, steal a van, and search for a treasure revealed by a fellow convict.

We also have a postal member section for those without access to a computer.

Shopping tips Some shopping tips from a Chicago TG. Makeup the eyes Eyes need to be more dramatic in photos.

There are two very short scenes showing the "He/She's"...

first a quick glance when Bill (Daniel Day-Lewis) is showing the different groups existing within the seamier side of New York.

In this site is information on: presenting yourself head to toe as a female, the 'fear' issues many of us face, photography tips for crossdressers, TG-friendly places in St. Laser Hair Removal To make some real changes, go below the surface. Controlling shadows Light and flash placement can really improve a photo.

Louis, Missouri, transgender links, and lots more transgender information. Summary page with links for crossdressing to: Dressing Neck to toe help section for crossdressing. Wig care Take care of a wig, and it will last for a long time. Use of fill-in flash Use the fill-in feature outside.