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01 Jun

Olivier Assayas, the prolific French screenwriter, director and film critic whose movies include the stylish film-within-a-film Irma Vep (1996), the prophetic global business shocker Demonlover (2002), the bittersweet family drama Summer Hours (2008) and the large-scale Venezuelan terrorist thriller Carlos (2010), is nothing if not daring and diverse, a latter-day New Wave heir and director […] Continue reading...

* * * Oliver Assays’ Clouds of Sils Maria is an opaque conceptual trip, a thematically dense exercise in self and industry reflections, a nod to both Fassbinder and Bergman and a showcase for its actresses, namely Juliette Binoche as an internationally renown actress undergoing an identity crisis and Kristen Stewart as her loyal assistant. * * 1/2 The creepy teen cyber thriller Unfriended is patently ludicrous and low-concept—six teens connected via video chat are stalked and dispatched by an Internet troll that turns out to be the vengeful ghost of their bullied best friend, who killed herself over their online taunting.

As a parent, you can not simply let your teenager participate in something that may place him or her in trouble, which is why many parents spy on a cell phone used by their kids.

In addition, you need to try to speak to your teenager about the hazards of relationship online.

Most mobile telephones have texting capability, and smartphones can have specialized chatting applications loaded onto them.

A study of 5,000 teens by Piper Jaffray revealed that kids are migrating away from Facebook and Twitter toward more age-appropriate chat applications, like Snapchat and Kik, both of which are on the increase.

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As children transition to adulthood, it is the teen that needs to find this balance.

Generally, cyber relationship isn’t safe for adolescents, and this is a important reason for parents to think about using a mobile phone spy app to track their adolescents.

We’re all conscious that there are lots of predators online only looking forward to their next victims, who are generally kids and adolescents.

Here’s what parents like you should do: It is possible your teenager already understands the risks of meeting people online.

But since young people are risk takers by nature, they still do it.