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15 May

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Taxes that add up to thousands of dollars over the course of a woman's lifetime-menstrual cycle."I mean there has to be equal protection in the law for women as well," Meredith Johnson said. I believe it it fully it's time to take action."Johnson said she first became aware of the tax six months ago around the time when Jacksonville attorney, Bryan Gowdy, filed a lawsuit against the state arguing the tax is discriminatory.I made a clear makeup bag and put these at the bottom to ensure no rummaging by security - if they picked one up they could be suspicious but seeing all the contents of my makeup bag meant they didn't need to open it!I purchased these for my Daughters hen weekend and gave one to each of the Hens.While at the college’s innovation lab attending a recent “start-up scramble” aimed at helping young entrepreneurs develop new ideas, Olenka, a sopohmore, went to the women’s restroom and was pleasantly surprised by a basket full of free tampons. But then she wondered: What if there were no free tampons and the vending machine was out of order and you were just plain stuck in “a periodic emergency?” That’s when Olenka had the flash: “Wouldn’t it be cool to have this community of women on a mobile platform and have this kind of tampon hand-off where you could earn points for donating a tampon to a fellow sister in need?The “I don’t know anyone who has a period who thinks it’s a luxury” comment was made by Nilsen, not the President: Pads and tampons have made political headlines in every single month of this year.In January, lawmakers in California, Utah, Virginia, and Michigan introduced anti-tampon-tax bills.In April, the New York Senate unanimously passed the tampon tax bill.This is an astounding amount of national legislative momentum for an issue that was long considered to be women’s private, shameful burden.Products like hair dye, bandages, and gauze pads are exempted, but Gowdy said "you can't tax women for a product that they alone use."Johnson credited the growing number of women's marches for igniting the growing demand to have those taxes removed."So I think as it becomes more of a topic of conversation," Johnson said.I took the whole lot into a day music festival full of vodka and no one checked - of course not, who checks girls tampons in bag.