03 Feb

I am trying to solve an equation using surd and I get a strange result.

solve(surd(x^4,8)=-2) 4, -4, 4 I, -4 I These solutions are clearly wrong. This problem is equivalent to asking the computer to solve sqrt(x) = -2 which has no solution in R or C.

I never expected that the atmosphere of Surf ‘n’ Snow would convince me to stay so much longer!!!

The hostel’s actually quite big – one of the biggest in New Zealand...

David Kuebrich recalls Professor Miller’s “kindness, and unfailing decency,” and refers to him as a person “absolutely without affectation” who “could make even a shy student …

comfortable in his presence.” Jan Keessen weeps, seeing that with Jim Miller’s death, an “era was over, taking with it the last and greatest of the gentlemanly scholars I knew there.” Jane Novak Emery concludes, “The joy trumps the sorrow. was held on his birthday, Friday, September 9, 2011, in Bond Chapel.

His wife Kathleen Farley notes that at the end of his long life, memories of which had been erased by Alzheimer’s, he would gaze at the long shelf of books bearing his name as author or editor and delight in repeating “I read books, I taught books, I wrote books. He took pride in his Oklahoma roots during the great depression, when he first discovered his love affair with books, and in his service as a cryptographer for the army during World War II. As a professor at the University of Nebraska from 1953 to 1961, he was appointed chair of the English Department at age 36, and according to colleague Robert Knoll’s widow Virginia Knoll, he “brought the department into modern times” and developed a systematic Ph. His first book, (1960), co-authored with Karl Shapiro and Bernice Slote, won the the Poetry Chap-Book Award of the Poetry Society of America.

Suddenly, it sparks, glitches, and goes out of control into the side of Race's car. Quest is concerned, though Race shrugs and admits that accidents happen.

Soon, Jessie and Hadji drive up in the Quest minivan, as Jessie was practicing for her test.

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