Steven r mcqueen and chelsea staub dating

01 Aug

premiering on Disney Channel this Sunday at p.m., J-14 hung out with Chelsea Staub and got all the scoop on what's up with Joe and Stella's relationship -- plus the details on Chelsea's real-life love drama! We also have amazing guest stars, a lot of all-new music, new romance, and a continuous storyline!

J-14: What can we look forward to this season on to really give everyone the idea to not expect what they saw last year. We acknowledge that our fans are growing up with us and that we've grown up a lot in the last year, so we really want to address that in the show. And the last time they saw each other was when they kissed and decided that they cared about each other and then he went on tour.

Charlie Tuttle (Luke Benward), a genius who skipped many grades, rockets onto the field on a rocket-propelled car, losing control until Derek throws a football at him and knocks him off. Virgil and Charlie are forced to dress as cheerleaders and are hung on the school mascot's, a ram, horns.

Trevino also shares Tyler’s sly wit and dry sense of humor.

In terms of interests, Trevino is a HUGE television buff!

Mc Queen (a.k.a Jeremy “Mini” Gilbert) and Michael Trevino (a.k.a. Definitely check out her blog for the most comprehensive, and best-written, Forwood-related TVD coverage on the ENTIRE internet. So, are you ready for some juicy tidbits, and crazy Trevino / Mc Queen hijinks? Every once in a while, Michael will get this grin on his face. Not surprisingly, both actors had some pretty eloquent things to say about the roles they have been inhabiting for the past two years. So, I hope for his sake, and ours, that this aspect of Jeremy’s life will change very soon.) When asked about Jeremy’s suicide attempt / thwarted vampire conversion in the Season 1 finale, Steven had this to say: “[After Vicki and Anna died so soon after his parents’ untimely deaths] Jeremy felt like he literally had the Kiss of Death.

Having watched this dynamic duo in action, I can definitely see why! The laidback and inclusive atmosphere, made this Q&A session feel more like an evening spent sharing beers with friends, than a formal press junket. So, how close are Michael’s and Steven’s personalities to the characters they play on the show? And yet, according to Steven, he and Jeremy actually share some similar interests. Jeremy has also genuinely evolved and matured throughout the course of the series. So, he wanted to physically become one.” But Jeremy Gilbert wasn’t the only character to undergo a MAJOR transformation throughout the course of allows himself to trust and care for others in a way that Season 1 Tyler never could.