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02 Jan

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Deer Hunting: Neck Shot or Behind the Shoulder What is an appropriate rifle for a first time deer hunter? White Hair on Ground Deer Running With Tail Down After Shot Knockdown Shot Deer Seeing Lights Shoot a deer laying down? There is quite a bit of information that can be used to figure out where the arrow hit. This can be very useful when the deer was in some tall grass or an open area. c) Another person will keep you from being impatient and making bad decisions due to your excited state of mind.

Are Wolves Killing All The Deer Can calls scare bucks off? For example, fat on the arrow or a lot of white hair may mean it was low. If the deer crunches up, it is likely to be a hit too far back. b) If for any reason you believe that you did have a good hit, wait a few hours before going further than 10 yards past where the deer was hit. d) At the very least, they can mark the last sign while tracking or if you are successful, help drag the deer out of the woods.

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