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17 Apr

When you arrive on the night, you will be welcomed by your local Welsh hosts, there to make sure that you have a good time.They will check you in, get you comfortable and give a quick welcome speech for everyone to explain how the evening will run.Of course, they are fully trained, are easily approachable and will be on hand throughout the night to ensure the speed dating runs smoothly and answer any questions you may have.We researched many bars in Cardiff to try and find the right one.You may like to know that over 75% of people who come to our Speed Dating in Cardiff events get at least one match.

Many designers are not aware of the point that the barb design greatly effects the security of their tube connection.

Two other problems exist with multiple barb fittings: All Value Plastics products avoid these shortcomings.

Their expert tooling design assures the sharpest edge possible allowing the barb to "bite" into the tubing, Then, the cylindrical surface behind the barb allows the tubing to relax against the fitting.

Comment: I met a guy online, we were supposed to have our first date last night.

He told me he was celebrating his college football team win up to 30 minutes until our date (mind you we had a late enough date planned and his team played at that day so in other words he’s been at the bar all day).