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13 Feb

This season—only six games in, but still—the Stars have not been a good possession team.They are 26th in shot-attempt differential, 20th in x GF%, and 18th in scoring chances created. The Stars have been outshot and out-chanced consistently, which is bad.

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If you are not convinced that Kari time-traveled back to 2012, then you might be concerned.On the bright side, it sounds as though he’s immediately transitioning to a front office job, as he told the Dallas Morning News’ Mike Heika that he’ll work in the player development department.“It was working out, monitoring how I was doing, continuing to see doctors to exhaust every avenue and find out exactly if I could play,” Peverley said to the DMN. Heck Jamie even changed his normal summer routine to go to California to be with Katie since that's where she works right now. Their girlfriends traveled home and on vacations with them.“It’s a case that’s very complicated, and what I have learned is there is no 100 percent to medicine and, unfortunately, I can’t play anymore.” Peverley fought his way from going undrafted to playing 442 regular season games and 59 postseason contests in his career.He’s likely best remembered for his time with Boston, where he won a Stanley Cup in 2011.When the dust settled, the Stars were in the top in shot-attempt differential, scoring chances created, and expected goals-for percentage (x GF%).Everything they did suggested that they were a team that had a better-than-even chance to win from night to night, and that is exactly what they did, to the tune of 50 victories.It’s never a happy moment to see a player hang up his skates at what he believes is a premature age (Peverley is 33).On the other hand, there are probably a few onlookers who are breathing a sigh of relief.