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Consider this a happening, a sparkling and flavourful event for urban planners by urban planners.Key areas of focus were decisions regarding funding of five Short Term Scientific Missions, the location of future meetings (Belgrade in November 2016, Skopje in 2017) and Ph D and postdoc courses (Belgrade in November 2016, Derio, Basque Country, Spain in 2017), as well as distribution of tasks within the three Working Groups.An important question raised by participants from the COST administration was how to encourage broader participation from representatives of industry, policymaking, general public and end-users.Nights are always exciting thanks to various events that include stand-up comedy evenings, live acoustic music, karaoke and soon also speed dating. Guaranteed great time with national wines from Fruska gora, in-house cocktails: La Familia, honey I'm home and others. Volunteers address him with a smile: Good afternoon.They started as a small group of a few female students that opposed the...Moto Guzzi 1954 Zigolo 98Hello, I have had this bike on display at my office and am considering selling it.Do you have any idea of interested party or possible value?Quality interactions, active networking, constant challenging and questioning, different future visions, relaxing and having fun. Municipal urban planners are the ones who have the privilege and the responsibility to shape future cities.Mix and mingle with your fellow colleagues from all corners of the world, listen to original opinions and discuss fresh ideas! Urban planner, TODERIAN Urban Works Brent Toderian is a leading international thought-leader on cities, and practitioner in advanced urbanism, city planning, urban design and transportation.