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17 Mar

Made famous in Alex Haley's Roots, Kunte Kinte arrived in Annapolis from Gambia in 1767 aboard the cargo ship Lord Ligonier.Kinte tried several times to escape from slavery, but he was unsuccessful.

The Maryland Collection contains printed and published materials, including books, newspapers, journals, and periodicals.

The races benefit the Southern Maryland Center for Family Advocacy, with proceeds going directly to providing court advocacy and legal representation to victims of domestic violence in Southern Maryland.

The Center is a 501 (c) 3 and has been providing legal and related services to victims of dating and domestic violence, stalking and sexual violence for 37 years.

If you're one of the 600 who attended last year, you know that this is one of the wildest, wackiest traditions in Souothern Maryland, and that's not changing: rafts will race--and perhaps capsize on occasion--as they hit the water surrounding Fitzies, seeing which team can make it to the finish line first!

For the first time, we're also encouraging everyone to BYOR--that's Bring Your Own Raft (your own inflatable device, whether it's an innertube, an inflatable island wtih a palm tree, or just a regular old raft) to join the non-racing crowd viewing the Raft Races and participating in the event from the high seas!