Sight impaired dating

03 Jun

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Users need a microphone and a sound card to interact on this website.Online dating websites for the blind and visually impaired offer a chance to socialize and "cyber-flirt" with peers.Nearly all dating websites for the blind and physically disabled offer free membership.Blessed I feel today..yes there are storms of nature, and clouds of rain. The reasons for storms of nature, and clouds of rain, exist only to grow the flower, that you stop, be still and smell along the way.Voice on the wind...and be still, smell the flowers along the way. Author Cynthia~Ann Howle Hi Danny, Thanks for the tips.Dont be put off by the fact that there are not many of us yet. The more the merrier and it wont be long till we are bulging at the seams (the website). Naturally as the voice on the wind speaks before a storm, within yourself, we all have a voice on the wind.An angel perhaps, I dare not say by giving it a name, for I am not wise enough.From what I understand, blind people compensate by using their other senses.I once met a group of blind people while riding a bus.