Shay johnson dating

14 Feb

Production sources have revealed that details of Scheana and Shay's divorce will be featured on the current season of Vanderpump, but thus far, the season has mostly focused on disastrous marriages that haven't happened yet (sorry, Tom and Katie).Little is known about the cause of the divorce, but it's widely believed that the split was prompted by Shay's struggles with substance abuse.

For some reason, she's chosen to publicly reveal that she's in a new relationship, but to also try and keep her boyfriend's identity a secret.

The format of the show largely stayed the same as the first season, with the exception of Flav's deliberations with Big Rick as to who he would keep or send home before the actual ceremony; this angle was dropped during the second season.

The second series' season finale was the second highest non-sports basic cable program of the year drawing over 7.5 million viewers which is the highest rated show in VH1 history.

According to Valletta's IMDb page, he's best known for a 2009 film called Frat Guy, so yeah, he's - how do we put this nicely? If his last name sounds familiar, that may be because Robert is the younger brother of model Amber Valletta, who was a thing for a while in the '90s.

All-in-all, he's a step up from a dude who's in a hip hop crew with Nicole Arbour, and we're guessing that's all Scheana really cares about right now.