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19 Mar

It featured speakers who argued for women’s rights to drive and called for an end to the country's male guardianship system.Female members of the Saudi royal family also attended the event, with Princess Al-Jawhara bint Fahd Al-Saud hosting a discussion on women’s roles in education.The variation of interpretation often leads to controversy.For example, Sheikh Ahmad Qassim Al-Ghamdi, chief of the Mecca region's mutaween (religious police), has said prohibiting ikhtilat (gender mixing) has no basis in Sharia.Women were previously forbidden from voting or being elected to political office, but in 2011 King Abdullah let women vote in the 2015 local elections, as well as to be appointed to the Consultative Assembly.

US-based Six Flags announced in June last year that it had begun talks with the Saudi government to build theme parks as part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 efforts to expand its entertainment sector and diversify the economy.In Saudi culture, the Sharia is interpreted according to a strict Sunni form known as the way of the Salaf (righteous predecessors) or Wahhabism.The law is mostly unwritten, leaving judges with significant discretionary power which they usually exercise in favor of tribal traditions.Saudi Arabia has celebrated its own Women’s Day, a first for the ultra-conservative Islamic kingdom.A three-day gathering was held at the King Fahd Cultural Centre in the capital of Riyadh.Other local and international investors will also provide capital, the statement said, without elaborating on the size of the investment."This city will become, by God's will, a prominent cultural landmark and an important centre for meeting the future generation's recreational, cultural and social needs in the kingdom," Mohammed said in a statement.The woman, 35, had flown to Dubai about a year ago on the promise of a housemaid's job and a monthly salary of about 40,000 Indian rupees.She was, however, sold to another employer in the Saudi capital Riyadh where she was repeatedly raped and abused, a state minister said.While police teams from Gujarat and Mumbai swooped on agents who had lured the woman to Dubai, an Indian politician with business interests in Saudi Arabia, Thopali Sriniwas, contacted the Indian embassy there.Dismal state of domestic workers This was the second case of a Gujarat woman that he helped return to her homeland in less than a month.