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21 Apr

To see a brief video of our speed dating events, click below: During our speeddating, you'll date for approximately one hour, meeting intriguing members of the opposite sex as you spend a few sweet minutes with each new acquaintance.

Without disclosing your email address, you'll be able to send messages through our system to anyone who attended the event. Please check in at so you have a chance to mingle before the dating begins.

The purchase history is available for viewing 24 hours, the sub-tab for checking purchase history is located under "Membership / Credit" main Tab. Can I pay for my romantic tour with Oksanalove credits?

Yes, you can use your Oksanalove Credit for any purchases on the site. Direct contact information of personal can be obtained by becoming GOLD or VIP member.

An Oksanalove credit is a method of payment provided for purchasing letters, gifts, romantic tours, videos, photos, deep personality profiles and all services on the site.

No personal checks drawn on banks outside the USA will be accepted. Each time you make a purchase through, the total number of credit spent will be deducted from your account at the time of your purchase. The exception are some of our matchmaking membership programs have risk free trial, it has to be noted in terms and conditions of the program itself.