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18 Mar

Respect for God-given life is the cornerstone of St. It is our hope that the value system to which we are committed will continue to live and grow through the dedicated collaborative effort of each Staff and Board Member with the Good Shepherd Sisters.

Saint Andre Home is a private, non-profit, Catholic organization designed to meet the needs of Maine women and children.

But, according to Lauzon, Stephen Dodd had no interest in helping.

Since then, Saint Andre Home has served thousands of families through counseling, housing, parenting classes, health care and resource management, and domestic and international adoption services.

Today, by offering their leadership and support, the Good Shepherd Sisters continue their strong commitment and keep the mission of Saint Andre Home alive throughout the state of Maine.

That's been the experience of Matt Lauzon, a Boston entrepreneur known for founding tech companies Gemvara and Dunwello.

The 30 year-old grew up in the small industrial city of Biddeford, Maine, where, at the age of 13 or 14, he claims to have been sexually assaulted by a local man who lived across the street from a Little League field where Lauzon regularly played.