Russian orthodox dating rules and marriage

23 Mar

These guidelines outline the official position of the Orthodox Church and simply dictate what is allowed and what is not allowed to take place.

They concern the basic rules that must be met, acting as the official canons of the Orthodox Church.

Torches split the darkness and made demons recede, thereby purifying the air and surrounding space. In Ancient Greece, women purified themselves before a wedding by bathing in a river or a fountain holy to the goddess of wedlock.The traditional wedding service is firmly rooted in Byzantine ritual and is quite long.In Ancient Greece and Rome, the Bride was always taken to her wedding and new home with torches.Orthodox Priests Have the Option Greek Church, Unlike Catholic, Allows Clergymen to Marry, but Celibacy Has Its Rewards By Bill Broadway Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, April 27, 2002; Page B09 Before his ordination four years ago, James T. "We need some good bishops." Papaioannou, then senior priest at Greek Orthodox Church of St. "I always wanted to get married and did not want to choose the celibate route," Paris, 41, said at home this week with his wife at his side.Paris was getting pressured by his mentor, the Rev. George in Bethesda, told Paris he had the potential to become one of a dozen bishops in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, the largest Orthodox denomination in the United States. Because Orthodox bishops come only from the ranks of unmarried priests, he faced the choice of all Orthodox seminary graduates: Be ordained unmarried and promise to remain that way throughout your career, or get married and then be ordained. But he acknowledged that the older he got as a bachelor, and the longer he postponed his ordination, the more likely he was to choose the life of an unmarried priest.A wedding without the presence of a torch fire was not considered fully sanctified.The function of the torches were both elemental and spiritual.By that time, Christianity had begun to split into two branches, Western and Eastern, over theological and political issues. Byron, pastor of Holy Trinity Parish in Georgetown and former president of Catholic University.The married priesthood was one point of dispute, said the Rev. Optional celibacy would allow candidates for "secular" or diocesan priesthood, those who planned to work as parish priests, to marry and have families.In Rome, one of these torches was made of white thorns, which was believed to keep away evil influences.Fire was regarded as a legitimate witness to a marriage in Greece.