Romeo miller dating

19 Jan

A little bit rapper and a little bit basketball star, Romeo is a whole lot of mischievous.He's quick to find himself in trouble, but he's just as quick to sweet talk his way out of any situation.Urban snack brand Rap Snacks has nabbed Migos, Fetty Wap and Romeo to be featured on its new packaging, reports All Hip Hop.They are slated to release the packaging featuring the faces of these artists in July along with three new flavors.Her songs "Butterflies", "Lil Miss Swagger" and "Daddy I'm A Rockstar" received airplay on Radio Disney.The music video for "Lil Miss Swagger," released when she was 12 years old, received more than 11 million You Tube views.The money fight got ugly when Sonya Miller sued her own son, Romeo Miller.Sonya accused the young rapper of letting his dad use him to hide money from his mom.

Billy and Kelly initially tried to keep their romance off the set and out of the public eye, but that all blew up when they were spotted canoodling in the ocean in Malibu over the recent July 4th holiday.The romance blossomed from after-hours line reading and scene rehearsal and has since gotten much more serious.A General Hospital source told GLOBE that Billy swept her off her feet and Kelly is rapidly falling for the handsome hunk, so much so that friends see marriage in the cards for the duo.Previous faces of the brand include Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Master P and Meek Mill, who ironically shares the same hometown of Philadelphia as Rap Snacks’ creator James “Fly” Lindsay. known professionally as Cymphonique, is an American singer-songwriter and actress.Romeo digs shooting hoops, rapping with his group Pieces of the Puzzle, and: Percy's a hard-working record executive who deals with musicians all day long-which is a piece of cake compared to what he deals with at home.Percy's a great dad who always seems to find out about the trouble his four kids are getting into, even when he's on the road.His musical talent definitely rubbed off on his kids, who are determined to make it in the music biz. She's got all the answers and thinks she's always right-until her dad comes home, at least.But they won't be getting an easy in from Dad-Percy's favorite piece of fatherly advice is that "If you want something bad enough, you'll figure out how to get it on your own." : Romeo's older sister Jodi gets straight As, is supremely popular and has tons of boyfriends and a booming voice she lends to the family band. Though she tries to make it seem like being so together comes naturally, she works hard to stay on top. : Though he wasn't born into the family, the newest member of the Miller clan has certainly become a crucial part of the mix-not to mention the band.The Millers adopted Louis a few years back, and he quickly became Romeo's best friend and partner in crime.Master P’s daughter is speaking out in defense of her dad and she says, “It’s time to stop feeling sorry for my mom.” Master P and Sonya Miller have been battling it out in court in one of the most shocking celebrities divorces in recent history.