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23 Jun

If you are a trademark holder, you can take advantage of advanced Sunrise registration of your domains, or take advantage of the DPML (Domains Protected Marks List) blocking services offered by Donuts Inc. Send us any questions you have regarding Sunrise or the DPML blocking service and we can assist you with protecting your brand identity . Domain extensions such as .com, and are all examples of g TLDs.A domain name, or web address, is an address where you can be found online.

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Note that these steps are for integrated webcams only.With a more streamlined name, it will allow your users to remember your domain more easily, and keep you aligned with your area of interest or your industry.Registeration for hundreds of new extensions is live on our website.The second option is to try this registry hack from Twitter user and engineer Rafael Rivera.A few warnings apply, of course: This fix involves editing the Windows registry, which can be very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.For many years, users were limited to selecting a or a as the most recognizable generic top-level domain.This presents a new opportunity for businesses and individual internet users to create their own unique online brand.Whilst and are still very popular domain extensions, the choice is now quite literally 'limitless' with All commonly referred to as or #new GTLDs First, start by reviewing the ICANN new g TLD guidebook and processes then Contact us to discuss our GTLD Applicant Consultancy Service and new GTLD Operations Services.There are updates in the domain name business that I have never been able to understand: one of them is called "vanity domain names".A vanity domain name is a domain that keeps on using the first and the second level domain, to form a keyword; the third level domain is sometimes used too.Good examples of these would be: or, or us. Another trend that I do not understand is the use of specific country code top-Level Domains (two letter domain names): . COM with no "M" (and may inadvertently typed by mistake) but .