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Also, with strangers who may or may not be wearing clothes.But there's a whole world of weirdly fascinating live video streams out there, serving no real purpose except to make you say "WTF?Critter Yard has a live cam with an interactive feature that lets you feed the chickens every 20 minutes. How you feel about about the single verses the album… A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax: GETTING TO KNOW CAM 24/7 by Jacqueline Jax host of A. A Live Radio I got my start in music by singing in the church choir. strong positive love songs that have real life meaning. It’s a lot of rap and hip hop not that very much r&b music around. The single you can pushed faster because you can get it out to the DJs the album takes a slow process to really push. It get’s you alot of followers and exposure world wide to major station and major record label scouts. Jean-Luc Godard said, "Cinema is not a dream or a fantasy.It is life." In the pre-history of the lifecasting movement, the introduction of lightweight, portable cameras during the early 1960s, as used in the Cinéma vérité and Direct cinema movements, changed the nature of documentary filmmaking.

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Originally being called lifelogging or lifestreaming, during the summer of 2007, Justin Kan's term lifecasting escalated into general usage and became the accepted label of the movement.For the voyeurs out there: Real Life Cam lets you observe in real time the private life of other (fully aware) people round-the-clock. Watch African wildlife gather at waterholes on several live cams at Africam.Both the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Vancouver Aquarium have several live webcams that let you watch animals live and play in their exhibits, including sharks, sea otters, penguins and belugas.Live cam of Abbey Road, made famous by the Beatles.Watch the hilarity ensue as tourists stop traffic in order to emulate the scene.As if that weren't enough, they have cams for penguins, belugas, and jelly fish too.Some people say the Loch Ness Monster is nothing but a naturally occurring wind-swept ripple in the water, others claim they’ve seen some diplodocus-esque beast breach the surface several times.I thinks its’ valuable to get constructive criticism on the music. It’s difficult to find a label interested in new artists, you can’t get a deal. I called my ex- girl friend over to comfort me and the rest is history.Other labels for lifecasting and related have occasionally surfaced, including cyborglog, glog, lifeblog, lifeglob, livecasting and wearcam.Author William Gibson featured "God's Little Toy," a lifecasting mini-blimp, that followed subjects around—for their lives—in his 1999 novel All Tomorrow's Parties.