Ps3 zes updating game

16 Jun

Also, new tray icon to display info on downloads and perform tasks in the background.

Due to the altered size of PS4 avatars, PS3GL now has an option to automatically center the main window while loading different media, for convenience.

Preliminary support for PS4 trophies was included as well (limited to unencrypted content, for the time being).

Moreover, the app now fully supports high resolution monitors (4k ) and Windows 10, along for the ride.

Play Station 3 owners have the luxury of upgrading their hard drives.

But with more data storage built into a Blu-ray disc, you shouldn’t need to monitor your hard disk space, right? The list of games that require game data to be installed are piling up.

Patch#Version_1.3 But the barely-legible version number on the SYSTEM page of my pause screen seems to indicate

Is there a way to manually force an update check of games on my PS3, outside of the presumed auto-update that should be occurring on game launch?

From my experience update on game launch should keep you update as long as you are sure your connection is not causing any issues with PSN.

Oblivion Game of the Year and Gran Turismo 5: Prologue round out the top in storage space.

Some optional install, are just that but most feel it’s best to just do it and get it over with.