Problems dating police officers how speed dating works

29 Apr

That’s why we identified a list of the best and brightest law enforcement blogs to keep you safe, informed and even entertained.This idea-packed blog belongs to former Baltimore Police officer, Peter Moskos.More than twenty years on the force carries some serious weight.Just in time for Valentine’s Day, several articles that crossed my Facebook feed this week drew my attention to the women who “walk the line” by being in relationships with law enforcement officers.Basically, you can't watch cop shows on television if you're married to a law enforcement officer! But it's hard to describe the horror of hearing a news report that a police officer has been shot but his name hasn't been released. Even when the two of us are out to dinner by ourselves, he's always looking around the room, checking out everyone and everything but me.

We got married right after I got my associate's degree. I'd be bathing the baby and I'd picture him getting shot by someone he'd pulled over for speeding, or killed in a domestic call gone bad.

His blog features excerpts from police officers everywhere responding to events in the media and the rigors of the job.

For a fair and fast-paced look at the life and opinions of cops everywhere, look no further.

In another recent study, 33.9 percent of law enforcement students indicated excessive alcohol use compared to 26 percent of other students, and, in a study by Peter Weiss, 44.8 percent of the lowest performing officers of the 632 surveyed exhibited “alcohol issues.”Attention people!

kicked off a series of reflections regarding my fiance’s chosen profession as a police officer.