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12 Jan

This is because his Father disapproved of his decision to become an Actor.4.

Sean Murray, who plays Timothy Mcgee, is the real life step-son of series co-creator/writer Donald P. His Sister on the show is also his Step-Sister in real life and the actor who played "Chip" is his Step-Brother. Pauley Perrette, who plays Abby, has an actual Masters degree in Forensic Science from Valdosta College in Georgia and she worked as a Bartender when she was starting out as an actress to make ends meet. Sasha Alexander, who played Kate Todd on the show for two years, beat out Lauren Holly for the role.

Even though she left the show, Cote has stated that she could return at a later date since her character didn't die.9.

and ultimately she decided she didn’t want to do the show. I have huge respect and affection for Mark [Harmon], Gary [Glasberg], Michael [Weatherly], David [Mc Callum], Rocky [Carroll], Pauley [Perrette], Brian [Dietzen], Sean [Murray], all of the team and CBS.

In 2004, he starred in the television film The Mystery of Natalie Wood, portraying Robert Wagner.

WATCH: Michael Weatherly Is Leaving 'NCIS' After 13 Seasons On Jan.

Also, Israeli officials told Tony that Ziva was dead in an explosion, but he now has the care of their daughter, Tali. ) The twist gave Tony a reason for resigning his job to take his daughter to Israel for some answers. However, Lauren got the last laugh when she was cast as Director Jennifer Shepard after Sasha's character was murdered.Lauren played Director Shepard for almost three years before eventually being murdered as well.8. We did everything humanly possible [and] exhausted every opportunity, and she just decided she didn’t want to do the show.” RELATED | Fall TV: Get Premiere Dates for and Ziva David.She explained, “I was just walking down the street and I got attacked and punched, and [he] repeatedly told me he was going to kill me and my life was in so much danger.“It definitely has added a fear to my life, which is not a good thing and I don’t like it.” Pauley also talked about spending 13 years of her life playing Abby on “NCIS.” “I’ve been doing it for this long and I love it.” As for Michael Weatherly leaving the show, she said, “My heart is broken,” adding that the two are the best of friends.“I love him with all of my heart and he is in every sense of the word my brother.” Perrette didn’t say why he is leaving. This was referenced on NCIS S:2 EP:13 at the mark When Kate asks Gibbs what he thinks Ducky looked like as a young man. Michael Weatherly, who plays Tony Dinozzo, actually comes from a wealthy family in real life. E." Which ran from 1964-1968, for his role as Ilya Kuryakin."It's going to be Michael's story to tell when he feels like it." Currently, Perrette is focused on another story: helping the homeless.The actress was attacked in November, allegedly by a homeless man, and now she's working with Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti to help the estimated 44,000 homeless people living in L. WATCH: Pauley Perrette Is 'Grateful to Be Alive' After Violent Attack "We do have money budgeted now," Perrette said.