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05 Jul

Victims of sex trafficking on average live only seven years from the time they are first trafficked due to disease, violence, drugs, suicide and lack of health care. A large study showed the majority of buyers are white, educated men between the ages of 22 and 55. The demand is increasing for younger and younger victims because pornography shows younger and younger children.While many of our readers may have learned about international human trafficking, they may not know that 325,000 children each year, most of them ages 12 to 14, are at risk for becoming victims of sexual exploitation in the United States. writer Mary Darden and Susan Peters, executive director of Un Bound and chair of the Heart of Texas Human Trafficking Coalition, sat down to take a hard look trafficking, the signs that someone is being trafficked, the impact on the lives of those who are trafficked and what is needed to turn the growing tide of this most dangerous and violent form of modern-day slavery.This means you can interact with the couples to create a live sex show tailored to your sexual preferences.

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WACOAN: What is Un Bound and the Heart of Texas Human Trafficking Coalition? Peters: Un Bound basically leads a professional coalition of law enforcement and community leaders to combat human trafficking.

That’s what the Heart of Texas Human Trafficking Coalition is.

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lobally, there are more than 30 million people enslaved through human trafficking.